Waking Up The Trees


This Photograph was taken a few years ago.  Myself and friends going into the Forest to wake up the trees as the winter ebbs slowly away and spring creeps forward.

This tradition was originally know as Wassailing and applied to fruit trees.

The word wassail comes from the Old English words wæs (þu) hæl which means ‘be healthy' or ‘be whole' - both of which meanings survive in the modern English phrase ‘hale and hearty'. This is a traditional ceremony which seeks to start off the first stirrings of life in the land and to help it emerge from winter and to ensure that the next season's crop of fruit, especially apples and pears, will be plentiful.

The date for this ceremony usually takes place on January 5th, which is Twelfth Night or Old Christmas Eve!  But it can be celebrated anytime upto January 17th depending on which calender one wishes to follow.  

This is the midwinter period when the Wild Hunt rides and chaos traditionally rules as the otherworldly horde breaks through into human realms.

I will be going into the Forest to wake up the Trees and I have written the following Greeting and Blessing to the Trees.

The Greeting is when one enters the Forest and the Blessing is to greet the Trees altering 'Oak' to whichever Tree one is speaking with and making a lot of noise infront of to wake it up!!! Lol!!

All you need are some noisy instraments....... I love my drums!

Bright Blessings to one and all.

Morgan le Fay

Greeting to the Trees

I stand before you a mere mortal

I stand in the shadow of your might

I feel your energy and strength surround me

I know your knowledge and wisdom is boundless

For thou hast been here since the beginning

And thou wilt be here at the end

You are my Temple where I meet my Gods

The Earth is my floor

You mighty trees are my walls

The sky is my roof

I salute you  

(Bow in veneration to the Forest)

(I always salute the Forest in this way as I leave after a Ritual)

Blessing to the Trees

Blessings be to you Mighty Oak

Tall and Strong

The cold of Winter

Will soon be Gone

The Sun will Shine

And the Birds will Sing

Wake up Now!!!! to welcome Spring

Blessed be

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