The Planets




Day:    Monday

Colours:    Lavender, Pale Blue, Pearly~White, Silver.

Metal:    Silver

Gemstones:    Beryl, Black Onyx, Moonstone, Pearl, Quartz.

Influences:    Astral Travel, Birth, Change, Children, Divination, Dreams,

Family, Feelings, Fertility, Illusion, Intuition, The Sea, Women's Cycles.

Tree:    Willow

Plants:    Almond, Lily of the Valley, Lotus, Mandrake, Peony, Water Lily.

Ruler:    (SIGN)   Cancer

Tarot Cards:    Moon, the Nines.

Deities:    Aradia, Arianrhod, Cerridwen, Diana.

Creatures:    Boar, Cat, Dog, Fish, Hart, Hare, Horse.



Day:    Tuesday

Colours:    Brown, Burgundy, Dark Grey, Red, Scarlet.

Metals:   Iron, Steel.

Gemstone:    Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Diamond, Garnet, Ruby.

Influences:    Courage, Death, Defence, Discipline, Discord, Energy, Lust,

Males, Problem~Solving, Renewal, Revenge, The Self, Wars, Willpower.

Trees:    Cedar, Furze, Holly, Oak.

Plants:    Broom, Hops, Lily, Nettles, Rue, Thistle, Tobacco, Woodruff,


Ruler:    (SIGN)   Aries, Scorpio (with Pluto).

Tarot Cards:    The Tower, the Fives.

Deities:    Aries, Macha, Mars, The Morrigu.

Creatures:    Basilisk, Bear, Horse, Ram, Wolf.



Day:    Wednesday

Colours:    Orange, Slate, Violet, Yellow.

Metals:    Aluminium, Chromium, Quicksilver ( Mercury ).

Gemstones:   Agate, Alexandrite, Cornelian, Opal, Sardonyx, Topaz.

Influences:    Business, Communication, Drama, Education, Employment,

Exams, Information, Logic, Magic, Medicine, Prediction, Public Speaking,

Science, Travel, Writing.

Trees:    Hazel, Palm.

Plants:    Cinquefoil, Fern, Honeysuckle, Lily of the Valley, Savoy,

Valerian, Vervain.

Ruler:    (SIGN)  Gemini, Virgo.

Tarot Cards:    Magician, the Eights.

Deities:    Woden, Hermes, Math, Mercury, Merlin, Taliesin, Thoth.

Creatures:    Ape, Butterfly, Ibis, Snake, Swallow.



Day:    Thursday

Colours:    Blue, Purple.

Metal:    Tin

Gemstones:    Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire.

Influences:    People in Authority, Career, Education, Knowledge,

The Law, Luck, Money, Philosophy, Politics, Religion.

Trees:    Ash, Cedar, Oak, Poplar.

Plants:    Agrimony, Betony, Clover, Dandelion, Fir, Meadowsweet,

Shamrock, Verbena.

Ruler:    (SIGN)  Sagittarius, Pisces (with Neptune).

Tarot Cards:    The Wheel of Fortune, the Fours.

Deities:    The Dagda, Danu, Jupiter, Lugh, Macha, Poseidon,

Sucellus, Zeus.

Creatures:    Eagle, Unicorn.



Day:    Friday

Colours:    Green, Pink.

Metal:    Copper

Gemstones:    Amber, Coral, Emerald, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite,

Peridot, Rose Quartz, Turquoise.

Influences:    The Arts, Beauty, Children, Fashion, Food, Friends, Love,

Lust, Pleasure, Relationships, Women.

Trees:    Birch, Elder, Myrtle.

Plants:    Blackberry, Briar, Catnip, Coltsfoot, Rose, Sandalwood, Yarrow.

Ruler:    (SIGN)  Taurus, Libra.

Tarot Cards:    Empress, the Sevens.

Deities:    Aphrodite, Arianrhod, Brigit, Freya, Rhiannon, Venus.

Creatures:    Cat, Dove, Lynx, Sparrow, Swan.



Day:    Saturday

Colours:    Aquamarine, Black, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Indigo,

Navy, Violet.

Metals:    Lead, Pewter, Zinc.

Gemstones:    Jet, Onyx, Sapphire, Turquoise.

Influences:    Animals, Drama, The Elderley, Food, Grieving, Hardships,

The Home, Land, Money, The Old Religion, Property, Studying, Success.

Trees:    Alder, Elm, Holly, Yew.

Plants:    Comfrey, Cypress, Fern, Horsetail, Ivy, Mullien, Reeds, Vines.

Ruler:    (SIGN)  Capricorn, Aquarius, (with Uranus).

Tarot Cards:    The World, The Queens, the Trees.

Deities:    Arianrhod, Branwen, Cerridwen, Cybele, The Morrigu,

Persephone, Saturn.

Creatures:    Crocodile, Dragon, Goat, Woman.



Day:    Sunday

Colours:    Orange, Yellow, Gold, Rust.

Metal:    Gold

Gemstones:    Topaz, Diamond, Amber, Carnelian, Ruby.

Influences:    Confidence, Diplomacy, Friendship, Health, Jewels, Money,

Peace, Power, Prosperity, Success.

Trees:    Laurel, Birch, Elm, Vine, Ash.

Plants:    Chamomile, Chicory, Heliotrope, Marigold, Mistletow, Rose,

Rue, St. John's Wort, Sunflower.

Ruler:    (SIGN)  Leo

Tarot Cards:    The Sun, The Knights, the Sixes.

Deities:    Adonis, Apollo, Bel, Bran, The Dagda, Mithras, Osiris, Ra.

Creatures:    Child, Hawk, Lion, Peacock, Phoenix, Snake.



Planetary Hours


Each hour of the Day or Night is ruled by a Planet also every hour has

Angels associated with them.

Planetary hours really come into their own when working on

Talismans or with Planetary Spirits.




Hour     Sunday     Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday    Friday     Saturday

       1         Jupiter      Venus           Saturn          Sun                      Moon             Mars       Mercury

       2         Mars          Mercury      Jupiter         Venus                  Saturn          Sun           Moon

      3          Sun             Moon            Mars              Mercury           Jupiter          Venus      Saturn

     4           Venus        Saturn          Sun                Moon                  Mars           Mercury    Jupiter

     5          Mercury    Jupiter        Venus            Saturn                Sun              Moon           Mars

     6         Moon           Mars            Mercury      Jupiter              Venus           Saturn        Sun

     7         Saturn         Sun                Moon            Mars                  Mercury     Jupiter      Venus

     8        Jupiter        Venus            Saturn          Sun                    Moon            Mars        Mercury

     9        Mars            Mercury       Jupiter         Venus                 Saturn        Sun            Moon

    10       Sun               Moon             Mars             Mercury           Jupiter        Venus       Saturn

    11        Venus          Saturn           Sun               Moon                  Mars           Mercury   Jupiter

    12       Mercury     Jupiter         Venus            Saturn               Sun              Moon           Mars




  Hour     Sunday     Monday       Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday     Friday      Saturday

     1           Sun            Moon            Mars             Mercury          Jupiter         Venus       Saturn

     2          Venus        Saturn         Sun                Moon                Mars             Mercury   Jupiter

     3          Mercury   Jupiter        Venus           Saturn              Sun                Moon          Mars

     4          Moon         Mars           Mercury      Jupiter              Venus           Saturn         Sun

     5          Saturn       Sun             Moon             Mars                 Mercury       Jupiter        Venus

     6         Jupiter       Venus         Saturn           Sun                   Moon              Mars          Mercury

     7          Mars          Mercury     Jupiter         Venus              Saturn             Sun              Moon

     8          Sun             Moon           Mars            Mercury          Jupiter           Venus         Saturn

     9          Venus         Saturn         Sun              Moon                Mars               Mercury    Jupiter

    10        Mercury    Jupiter       Venus           Saturn             Sun                  Moon             Mars

    11         Moon          Mars           Mercury      Jupiter            Venus               Saturn           Sun

    12         Saturn       Sun             Moon             Mars               Mercury           Jupiter      Venus






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