The Aura


The Aura is the electro~magnetic field that surrounds the body of any life form.  This extended energy can change dramatically in radiance and colour depending on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of the body.

Colour Interpretations

Red:      Power, passion, vitality, sexuality and desire.  People with a lot of red have leadership qualities.  They are courageous but can be very stubborn at time.  They need to succeed in any undertakings they attempt.

Pink:      This colour in an aura indicates dedication and loyalty.  It shows compassion, passion, femininity.  They make very loyal friends.

Orange:      Expect to see this colour in the aura of creative people and those that deal a lot with the public.  These people are able to bring out positivity in others.  It shows creativity, confidence, emotion,  intuitiveness.

Green:      Green show a person who is highly motivated and dedicated to their work and career and are focused on creating positive change in the world.  It shows they have perseverance, assertiveness, high ideals, patience and will carry responsibility well.

Blue:      You will see this colour in the aura of artistic people. i.e. artists, poets, musicians, students and people seeking spiritual enlightenment.  It shows great depth of feeling, loyalty, devotion, artistic talent.  They put great importance on personal relationships.  They are emotionally sensitive, intuitive, very focused, receptive and desire peace, unity, love and affection.

Yellow:      People with this colour in their aura usually have a great sense of humour and are fun to be with.  They are always open to new ideas and make great organizers.  It shows warmth, intellect, enthusiasm, cheerfulness.  They are very supportive to others and their energy radiates like the sun.

Purple/Violet:      This colour shows a very unconventional person probably with psychic abilities, lots of charisma and charm.  They are free thinkers not influenced by others in their beliefs.  It shows sensitivity, non~judgemental, compassion.  They may be a bit of a dreamer and not very practical but their personality is magical and they appreciate others who show them kindness.

White:      A colour of purity and spirituality. These people have a great gift and can tune in very easily to the spirit world.  They are totally unconcerned with worldly matters.  This shows great inner illumination and cosmic wisdom.  Young children and people who meditate frequently will often show white in their aura.  Because it is spiritual energy it seldom appears in adults.  White is a mixture of all the other colours.





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