Always take care when doing any type of Spell.  Never do spell work if you are unwell or angry.  Always work with the correct intentions, never seek to control or alter another person against their will.  The more work and energy you put into your work the more chance you will have of success.  Below are just guides and you can alter any of the Spells to suit yourself.  What feels right for one person might not feel right for another.

Take care and Bright Blessings.




Mirror Spell for Protection


You will Need :    A Silver Candle ~ 4 Night Lights

Cast a circle of protection around yourself placing a night light at the North, East, South and West. Light the candles and call upon the Quarters to protect you and your circle.

 Place the Silver Candle in the centre of the circle and sit comfortably.When you are ready light the silver candle ( it can also be white). Visualise the energy of the candle flowing around you and becoming an etheric mirror on the outside. Every negative action that is sent to you, cannot cross the mirror and will be reflected directly back to the person it came from. Or you can choose to mirror the person, if this person is also harming others.  In that case you surround the person with a mirror, the mirror side on the inside. 

Say the following:

Goddess of the Moon

Dark and Bright

Make me a Shield of Mirrors,

To guard my Light

To reflect all evil,

sent to me,

right back to them,

Who sent it me.

So they learn,

I no longer accept,

and they yearn,

the positivity I kept.

May this change for the better.

So mote it be.



A Rune Love Spell

On an Orris Root or a piece of Apple Wood carve the Rune for Love.  As you do so, visualise the type of person that you wish to meet.  Carry the Rune with you for three days, placing it under your pillow at night.  On the evening of the third day throw the Rune into a river, stream, lake, spring or the sea and forget about it! 



Witches Protection Bottle

You will Need:   

A Glass Jar with a lid ~ Enough Sharp Objects to fill the Jar such as pins, nails, broken glass.

Take the Glass Jar and being very careful three quarter fill the jar with the sharp objects.  Now you can either do two things which ever you prefer ~ you can fill the remaining space in the jar with water and salt or you can urinate in it.  I know that may sound disgusting but believe me it is very powerful to do the later and no one but you will know where the jar is. 

Next put the top on the jar and seal it with wax.  Now bury the jar at least twelve inches deep in the ground and as near to your house as possible.   As long as the jar remains buried you will be protected ~ repeat this every year.




Old Magic Exorcism

You will need a Sword of Athame

          Power of Wind Have I over thee.      

   Power of Wrath have I over thee

Power of Fire have I over thee.

Power Thunder have I over thee.

Power of Lightening have I over thee.

Power of Storm have I over thee.

Power of Moon have I over thee.

Power of Sun have I over thee.

Power of Stars have I over thee.

Power of the Heaven’s and the Worlds have I over thee.

( lift sword or athame with both hands and chop down)

 Eson!  Eson!  Emaris!

Spell for Protection

            Make this Pouch to either wear round your neck or carry in your pocket.                          On the night of a Full Moon crush these herbs together using a mortar and pestle.

Amber  ~  Juniper  ~  Dill  ~  Vervain  ~  St. John's Wort  ~  Lavender

Leaving them in the bowl, hold them up to catch the light of the Full Moon and say:

Moon of Night in fullness shine

Bless this rite  ~  protection be mine.

Then without touching the herbs fill the pouch and wear it whenever you feel threatened.


Spell for a Broken Heart

Place dried Rose Buds  ~  Rue  ~  Lavender  ~  Jasmin  ~  Mistletoe  and  Lady's Mantle,  into a red or purple silk or cotton pouch.  Tie the pouch with matching ribbon and pass it through the smoke of an incense of your choice saying:

Pouch of mine, lovers hearts entwine no more

Heal my heart for now we part  ~  goodbye

The pain I feel  ~  I need to heal  ~  be well

Place it under your pillow or carry it with you and hold it when you feel down.



 Psychic  Protection Spell

You will Need:  Frankincense and Myrrh Incense  ~  Black Taper Candle

Bathe in purification herbs or your favorite bath salts.  While you are bathing concentrate on the purpose of this spell and the outcome you want to achieve.

After bathing go to your sacred space and cast a circle then sit in the centre and light the incense.  Hold the candle between your hands and direct all your positive energy into it.         Next place the candle in a holder saying: 

This candle represents protection over me in all things.

   As the light of this flame grows, I can feel the positive energy flowing all around me.                  As this candle burns, everything around me is blessed with light and  love.  I am blessed with light and love.  Negative energy is now banished.

Sit back and watch the candle burn all the time visualizing the white ball of light and protection around you.  Send out blessings and love to whoever or whatever you think might be draining you psychically.  Feel the peace and love coming towards you.

When the candle is 1/3 of the way burnt say:  As the flame of the candle is extinguished  ~  evil, negativity, and harm towards me is banished!

Now extinguish the candle - do not blow it out!!  Repeat this for two more nights.  On the last night after the candle has burned away and the residue of the wax has cooled, discard the wax in the rubbish bin to symbolise throwing away that which was causing you harm.


 Banishing Spell

Sometimes we get a sense of prevailing evil and we are not sure from whom or where it comes from ~ this is an excellent spell to deal with that type of situation.

This spell is best done during a Dark Moon.  You will need an Iron Hammer  ~  a Flat Rock and a Rusty Nail.  They say a coffin nail is best but I personally wouldn't want to dig up a coffin to get one! lol

Hammer the nail against the rock three times.  The aim is to score the rock not to break it!  Visualize what you are aiming to dispel while you hammer.  Next bury the stone far away from where you live.  Carry the nail with you in a red mojo bag with some soil from a crossroads or graveyard. 


Banishing Spell

You will need One Purple Candle ~ one sheet of Brown paper 3" square  ~  Banishing Oil

Write the name of the person or persons whom you wish to banish on the piece of paper.  Next write your name over their name thus hiding theirs.  Now chant the following:

I cover thee ~ I cross thee  ~  I command  thee  ~ I compel thee

(Their name)...........Child of............(name)   Get out of my House now!!!!!!

Dress the Purple Candle with the Banishing Oil.  Place the paper on a dish beneath the candle and let the candle completely burn down.  Burn the paper and cast the ashes to the wind.

Exorcism Spell 

It would preferable to have a second person with you when doing this work.   You will need One Bottle of Essential Oil of Frankincense  (must be pure oil not cheaper substitute)   ~ One Piece of New White Cloth.

 Apply an individual drop of the Oil of Frankincense to the crown of the head, the forehead, the back of the neck, the throat, chest, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Now draw some fresh water and add some drops of the Oil of Frankincense.  Using the white cloth bathe all the above parts of the body as well as the genital area.

Repeat Psalm 145 throughout the whole ritual.

Ghost Hunters Spell

There are a number of herbs that can be used to summon the dead and to beckon ghosts.  Dittany of Crete is one such herb.  It is named for a Greek Divinity, perhaps an aspect of Artemis and has been used for centuries in communication with those that have passed on.

According to legend an apparition will appear in the smoke of the incense.  It was traditionally used in cemeteries but can also be used in buildings and elsewhere.

Sprinkle dried Dittany of Crete onto lit Charcoal blocks.  Or if you are outdoors you cab burn larger quantities in a cauldron or fire.

Insomnia Spell

You will need:   One cup of Milk  ~  One quarter cup of Honey  ~  One teaspoon of Pure Vanilla Extract  ~  Four drops of Essential Oil of Lavender  ~  Four drops of Essential Oil of Chamomile.

Warm the milk gently over a low heat whilst stirring in the honey.  When blended remove from the heat and add the vanilla extract and the essential oils.  Now add to the warm running water in your bath and just lie back and relax.


















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