There are two types of shapeshifting.

Changing your light body in the astral plane to a power animal and

changing your physical form on this the earth plane into an animal.

Very adept Shamans are said to be able to change their physical

human forms into that of animals.


There is also a middle ground which we should not overlook.

During ritual dances where high levels of energy are raised, humans

have been known to be possessed by animal spirits.

Although they do not become the animal outwardly their body

contorts and moves in the likeness of the animal.

Vocalizations can also be heard, such as the cry of an eagle, scream of a

falcon or as a wolf crying to its mate.

These power dances are not harmful as long as they are done

within a protected circle.


Inwardly, the individual melds with the animal.  The human's

sense of smell or sight may be heightened.  It is a very exhilarating

and enlightening feeling.


Taking on the form of an animal in the astral is not dangerous

as long as the individual remains in control so as to break the link when he

 or she feels it is neccessary.

I have once managed to achieve this in the form of a wolf and felt myself

beginning to crouch like the animal but I pulled myself back as I didn't

feel ready for what was happening and I certainly didn't expect it!!


Always keep an accurate written account of your astral experiences.

Date ~ time ~ moon phase ~ weather.


Bright Blessings

Night Owl

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