An Ancient Art

The art of scrying has been practised for thousands of years.  The origin of the word scrying comes from the Old English word 'descry' which means 'to reveal'.  Scrying uses an object as a focal point to clear the mind of any distractions thus overriding the conscious mind.

The Ancient Egyptians used scrying as part of ancient initiation rituals.  The Goddess Hathor is said to carry a shield that reflects the truth back to those who look at it.  The Egyptians scryed using many different things.  They used mirrors, dark liquids, blood, water, crystals and even oil.

The Romans used any shiny object that was large enough and even stones.

Ancient Celts and Greeks used polished Quart crystal, black glass and water.

Nostradamus the famous Prophet who has predicted many historical events that have happened and are still happening scryed using water.

John Dee (1527~1609) was Alchemist to Queen Elizabeth 1st. He was also an Astrologer, Scientist and Mathematician.  He is claimed to have contacted the Angels with his scrying crystal who then dictated several books to him in an angelic language that we call Enochian.  His Black Obsidian Crystal Ball he used for scrying is displayed in the British Museum.

How to Scry:

You can use any of the following for scrying.  Mirrors  ~  Black Mirrors  ~  Crystal or Lead Glass Balls  ~  Fire  ~  Water

Mirrors:   Sitting in front of the mirror lite only by candle light ~ nightlights are ideal.  Allow yourself to go into a relaxed state of mind by sitting quietly for a few minutes.  First place a circle of protection around yourself.  Do this by envisaging yourself sitting in a huge ball of white light.   Next breath in and out deeply, counting to five as you breath in then five again as you breath out. Concentrate deeply on your breathing and feel the energy rising from your Solar Plexus which is the energy centre in your body.  When you feel ready then focus on the mirror in-front of you.  Do not look directly at your image, look over your shoulder into the darkness.  It may well take you a number of try's before anything happens but remember perseverance always wins the day.  Limit your time to about 20 minutes and if at any time you feel uncomfortable stop at once.  Whatever you see or whatever is revealed in vision or thought to you write it down in a book that you will keep just for scrying or if you keep a book of shadows put it in it. 


Black Mirrors:   I bought an old concave mirror and painted it black with enamel paint, then left it under a Full Moon to increase it's power.  The good thing about using black mirrors is that your face wont be reflected in it so less distractions!  I have even scryed using my computer screen.  Follow same preparation and scrying method as above.

Crystal and Lead Crystal Balls:   Always make sure you cleanse any crystals you decide to use for scrying or anything else for that matter.  You can do this in a number of ways. You can wash them in cold running water, hold them in the smoke of incense, leave them outside when the moon is full.  Never, never use salt as that is abrasive to crystals. 

 Again use dim lighting for this method ~ you may require more than just candle light to see fully into the crystal.  If the ball is genuine crystal ensure it is clear with as few inclusions as possible.  Follow preparation and scrying method as above.

Scrying with Water:   This type of scrying can be done both inside and outside.  Again make sure the light is dim but bright enough to see by.  If outside a full moon is best and position the container you are using so that the moon is reflected in the water.  If you want to you can place some cleansed crystals in the water.  Use the preparation and scrying method as above.

I have scryed a number of times myself with mirrors and the computer screen!   The first time I ever tried it I found this very old face looking back at me ( I was younger than I am now  lol!!)  Lots of wrinkles and pointed ears and the most beautiful bright shinning eyes I have ever seen.

A few weeks later I was selling my crystals and jewellery that I make at my friend's Psychic Fayre.  I was having some healing from my Shamanic friend Paula when she suddenly asked me who the old lady was standing by my side!!! I asked what the lady looked like and she described the woman I had seen in the mirror.  Paula said she was my Spirit Guide.

The last time I scryed was several weeks ago at my Friend Noelle's Moot.  My face changed into that of an Egyptian Lady and was witnessed by others who were watching.  I wasn't surprised as my first existence was in Egypt in the 18th Dynasty in a place called Medinat Habu.

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