HandFasting Ritual


The altar should be arranged as usual, plus two white candles, incense, a willow

wand and a crimson silk scarf.

Mark the circle using flowers.

Dress:  Celtic tradition is that the Bride wears some kind of veil or netting

and an article of scarlet.

The couple should bring two pink roses, which they will hold ~ the groom in his left hand, the bride in her right.  The couple stand together hand in hand.


Closing the Circle

Priest:   May the place of this rite be consecrated for the Gods for we gather here

in a ritual of love with two who would be wedded.  May the smudger cleanse

this circle of negative energy.

Smudging:  The Smudger cleanses the circle using a traditional Smudging ritual.


Introduction and Invocation of the God and Goddess and the Elements

Priest:   ......and...... please come forward and stand here before us, and before

the Gods of nature.


Priestess:   Be with us here, O beings of the Air

With your clever fingers

Tie closely the bonds between these two.


Be with us here, O beings of Fire

Give their love and passion

Your own all~consuming ardour.


Be with us here, O beings of Water

Give them the deepest of love

And the richness of the body ~

of the soul and of the spirit.


Be with us here, O beings of Earth

Let your strength and constancy

Be theirs from this day forth.

All Say:    Blessed Be


The Vows   (to be decided by Bride and Groom)

Priestess:   Repeat after me.  By life and love, in the name of the Gods, I, ......,

take thee, ......,to my hand, my heart, and my spirit, at the setting of the Sun

and the rising of the Stars.  Her life I will defend before my own.  I will

share all that I have and all that I am with her.  This I swear  in the name of the

Gods.  May they give me the strength to keep  my vows.  So it shall be.



Priestess:   Above you are the stars, below you  are the stones. 

As time does pass, remember

Like a star should our love be constant

Like a stone should our love be strong

Be close, but not too close

Possess one another, but be understanding

Have patience each with the other

For storms will come, but they will go quickly

Be free in the giving of affection and warmth

Make love often, and be sensuous with one another

Have no fear and let not the ways or words

of the unenlightened give you unease

For the Goddess and the God are with you,

Now and always.


Exchange of the Roses

Priestess:   As a sign of your devotion to each other, exchange now

a symbol of love.

(the couple now exchange the roses)


Future Dedication

Priestess:   For every year and a day hence come to this place and

reclaim your love.  As the Goddess and the God and the Old Ones

are witness to this rite.


The Priestess and the Priest take the scarf and tie the left hand

of the Bride to the right hand of the Groom.


Priestess:   I now proclaim you Husband and Wife.

(the couple kiss and then turn to face the guests)


Opening the Circle


Priestess:   We thank the Gods and the Elements for their attendance.

As we came here in love we now go our way.  Love is the Law and love is the Bond.

So be it.

(The Priestess opens the Circle)



Winter Solstice Ritual

Things you will need for this ritual apart from your normal working tools

and altar:

A small bowl of water with sprigs of Hyssop in it ~ a small hand towel.

 Cauldron and bottle of water ~ Rosemary Oil.

Incense stick or smudge stick ~ Rosemary Sprigs, enough for all present.

Small bottle of Ale and small amount of grain ~ small amount of whisky.

Items to decorate Tree , ie. Prayer Ribbons, cones and items collected from woods ~

enough for everyone present.

Ask people attending to bring a candle.

Cake and Mead or food to share in celebration.

3 Volunteers to help with ritual.



People stand waiting away from circle ~ People calling quarters stand back

to back in the middle of the circle with heads bowed.

Priest:   On the night of the Winter Sostice, when our ancestors gathered in the deepest

darkness of the year, they sought the return of the Divine Child, the return of the

bright and warm Sun, once again to warm the Earth and bring Light and Life.

This is the Yule, the Wheel of the Year that turns ever from Light to Darkness,

from Darkness to Light.


Priestess walks out to meet people and lead them to the circle:

Priestess:   As we approach the Sacred Grove with heart and mind and flesh and

bone,  join us now in ways of old.  We have come home.


1st Volunteer:   Stand with Bowl of Hyssop Water.  Blesses each person as they pass

who in turn dip their hands into the bowl to cleanse themselves.

2nd Volunteer:   Holds towel out to dry hands.

All form circle.


Priest:   The Sun has withered and grown weak.  His strength is waning and we

who are Dependent on his light and warmth, Wait and watch in the Wolf's darkness 

on this, the longest night of the year.


Priestess:   Let our voices sound to the heavens.  Let our wills be joined as one.  Let

our gifts strengthen the Gods.  To drive the Wolf once more to the shadows.  To

hasten the Sun's rebirth.


Priestess now cast circle ~ Priest lights fire and pours the water into the cauldron.

Peope in centre each walk out in direction of their quarters to join the circle then

proceed to call quarters.

1st Volunteer walks around inside the circle widdershins smudging or with incense ~

2nd Volunteer walks around inside the circle deosil smudging or with incense ~

When finished Both say together : Pure and Hallowed may you be.

All Say:   So Be It.


Priestess:   Hertha, O beloved Mother Earth from whose dark womb is born all

green and growing things , And to whom all life descends in death's darkness, 

we honour you as our forefathers did before us .  Offering this precious drink: which

was born of your bounty, we pray that you accept this gift and bless and uphold

our right.

Pours Ale onto the earth beside the fire.


Priest:   Tiwaz, O beloved Father Sky From whose bright heaven comes the wind,

the rain, And the lightening which first gave spark to life itself.  We honour you

as our forefathers did before us.  Offering this precious grain, which was born

of your bounty.  We pray that you accept our gift and bless and uphold our rite.

Takes a handful of grain and blows it across the fire.


3rd Volunteer:   Ancient and Dark ones.  We make this offering to you.

Take this gift and trouble not our rite.

Pours whisky onto the earth southwest of the circle.


Priestess:   O Sacred Bough of fragrant memory.  May your sweet, rising smoke

reach the Halls of the Gods.  May we pray for a good fire.

1st Volunteer:  Steps forward and throws Rosemary onto the fire ~ all follow.


Priest:   O Sacred Waters that flow and swirl beneath all.  Primeval womb of all that

lives, take into yourself the fire of the Heavens.  Become once again newly potent

with unmanifested possibilities (Pours oil into water)  Accept this offering of sacred

oil.  Become for us the door into darkness And the mirror of the unknown.

Lights torch from fire and thrusts into the water, then asperges the participants

with the wet branch.


3rd Volunteer:   From the Fire of the Heavens to the Watery Abyss of the

underworld, all trees are one tree, the Shaman's stallion that joins heaven

and earth.  So also is the Tree, Yggdrasil, by which we may travel between

the realms of mortals and Gods, and with us our hopes, our dreams, and our


1st Volunteer:   Walks around the circle handing each person an ornament.


Priestess:   In ancient times our ancestors would dedicate a tree in every grove

and village to be what were later called Fairy trees.  On this tree they would hang

prnaments, ribbons or other tokens as symbols and sacrifices that their wishes

might come true.  So tonight, we take this opportunity to remind the Gods of our

wishes and dreams.  Take an ornament and dedicate it to some special desire,

to some message you have for the Gods tonight and hang it on the Tree.

People decorate the Tree.

1st Volunteer:   Goes around the circle lighting everyones candle.


Priest:   As the light grows about us may the presences of the Old Goddesses

and Gods come forth in triumph and glow where we stand.  May magic and mystery

and beauty be with us now in this, the season of the Divine Child of Light.


All Say:  SO BE IT


All sing a Pagan Carol.

Joy to the world! The Lord is come!
Let Earth receive her king!
Let every heart prepare him room
And Heaven and Nature sing
And Heaven and Nature sing
And Heaven and Heaven and Nature sing.

Welcome our King who brings us life
Our Lady gives him birth!
His living light returneth to warm the seeds within us
And wake the sleeping earth
And wake the sleeping earth
And wake and wake the sleeping earth.

Light we the fires to greet our Lord,
Our Light! Our Life! Our King!
Let every voice be lifted to sing his holy praises
As Heaven and Nature sing
As Heaven and Nature sing
As Heaven as Heaven and Nature sing.

Joy to the Earth! The Light returns!
And sunlight fills the air
The tide has turned, the Sun has been reborn.
And hope is everywhere
And hope is everywhere
And hope, and hope, is everywhere.

Dark ruled the Earth, and death has reigned
But on the Wheel does spin
From out the womb of night, is birthed the Infant Light.
The Sun has come again
The Sun has come again
The Sun, the Sun, has come again.

Mother of all, to You we sing!
In praise this glorious morn.
For Earth and Sky, fire, water, and life.
In You we are reborn,
in You we are reborn,
in You, in You, we are reborn.


Priestess:   All Hail, Divine Child of Light, Solstice Sun.

Priestess Blesses Cake and Mead ~ thanks Goddess and God.

People calling Quarters thank the Quarters.

Priestess opens circle.



Ritual for Love


You will Need:  1 Fire Log  ~ Incense of your choice   

Cast Circle  ~  Invoke the Quarters  ~  Read the Charge of the Goddess

(the above can be taken from the other rituals above and the link for the Charge of the Goddess is on the main page) 

Now stand in the center of the circle.  I always face North when doing rituals ~ thats my personal preferance but you might like to face West as West is the element of water which deals with emotions and is ruled by the Moon.  Now say:

Let the path be clear before me

Let all go as I will

And the path be clean behind me

Let all go as I will

And the one I love beside me

Let all go as I will

And the Goddess's light above me

Let all go as I will

And the solid Earth beneath me

Let all go as I will

And our own true self within me

Let all go as I will.


Ignite the Log and cast the incense into the fire saying:

We ignite the Spirit of Aphrodite   ~   Hail to thee, Goddess of Love


Ask for Wishes:

Dear Goddess we ask for the Love of ................................

Dear Goddess we ask for Happiness with .........................

Dear Goddess we ask for Union with .................................


Visualizing what we want with....................holding and looking at their picture say:

Blessed be thy hair that caresses my face

Blessed be thine eyes that look upon me with love

Blessed be thine ears that hear my words of love

Blessed be thy lips that kiss, thy mouth that speaks tp me of love

Blessed be thine arms that embrace me in love

Blessed be thy heart that throbs in the heat of love

Blessed be thy hands that touch me

Blessed be thy back that gladly bears love's burdens

Blessed be thy genitals that are the gateway tp mystery and ecstasy

Blessed be thy legs that carry thee to me

Blessed be thy feet that take thee on love's journey.



Hail Goddess of Love, who will bring us together

I thank you for thy wondrous gift of true desire

Bless my union with ...........................

Give us openness that we may flow into one another

Strength to return to our seperate selves

And flexability to dance and merge and re-merge again...

May our love never be bound, but fly in freedom

May our hearts never be cold, but overflowing

With the heat of Thy Love.........

SO BE IT..........................BLESSED BE

Write your wishes on paper and burn in the fire.

Raise energy by dancing or drum playing or humming and send off.





Thank the Goddess

Thank the Quarters

















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