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On these pages I hope you will find some useful information to help you

on your chosen path whatever that may be.

What I write is only a guide because you will only achieve from Ritual

what you put into it of yourself.

It is no good just to follow and do what other people say.   If you are not

happy with a direction or word change it to what feels better for you.

 Please keep looking as I am adding frequently

 to all my pages.

Bright Blessings

Night Owl

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Circle Casting

Planetary Correspondences    ~    Element Correspondences.

Drawing Down the Moon.



 Circle Casting

Stand in the middle of the circle and say:

Let us be at one to worship the power.

The power which moves the Universe.

For behold.

The Lords of Light have set their stars upon the heavens.

The Earth spins and the Moon holds her course.

Let us walk proudly and hold our heads high.

For the Sky is our Father and the Earth our Mother.

And we are the children of the Gods.


Kneel before the Altar and place the point of your Athame in the bowl of

water and say


I exorcise thee, O creature of water, that thou cast out from thee all impurities

and uncleanliness of the spirits of the world of phantasm in the names of

Cernunus and Diana.


Next hold the Athame over the container of salt and say 

Blessings be upon this creature of salt, let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth

hence from, and let all good enter here in:  Wherefore do I bless thee that thou

mayst aid me, in the names of Cernunnos and Diana.


Pour the salt into the water then walk the circle sprinkling it around the

edge to cleanse the circle of all negativeness and protect it.

Now walk around the circle three times saying:


I cast this circle in a place that is not a place, in a time that is not a time.


Next call the quarters


Facing East Say:   Ye Lords and Watchtowers of the East, ye Lords of Air, we do

summon, stir and call ye forth to witness our rite and to guard this circle.

 Hail and Welcome


Facing South Say:   Ye Lords and Watchtowers of the South, ye Lords of Fire, we do

summon, stir and call ye forth to witness our rite and to guard thia circle.

  Hail and Welcome


Facing West Say:   Ye Lords and Watchtowers of the West, ye Lords of Water,  we do

summon, stir and call ye forth to witness our rite and to guard this circle.

 Hail and Welcome


Facing North Say:   Ye Lords and Watchtowers of the North, ye Lords of the Earth,

thou guardians of the Northern Portals, thou powerful God, thou gentle Goddess, we

do summon, stir and call ye forth to witness our rite and to guard this circle.

  Hail and Welcome


Now the circle is cast and the quarters called.  Next I would invoke the

Goddess and God.  I always like to read the Charge of the Goddess

as it is a favorite of mine.

The final thing is the Cake and Ale ~ after that open your circle in the

following way.


Facing North Say:   Guardians of the North, I thank you for being with us this night

and guarding this circle.   Hail and Farewell


Facing West Say:   Guardians of the West, I thank you for being with us this night

and guarding this circle.  Hail and Farewell.


Facing South Say:   Guardians of the South, I thank you for being with us this night

and for guarding this circle.  Hail and Farewell.


Facing East Say:   Guardians of the East, I thank you for being with us this night

and for guarding this circle.  Hail and Farewell.


Next thank the Goddess and God for their protection over yourself and your

 circle and ask for their blessing.


Go to the edge of the Circle and walk around it three times saying:

The circle is open and forever unbroken ~ may the love of the Goddess be forever in

your hearts.  Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet again.



Planetary Correspondences


Monday:    Ruled by The Moon ~ Rules emotions, protection, healing and women's

mysteries.  Use for Magick involving the subconscious, healing, emotions, love,

spirituality, healing emotional wounds, children, small animals, the feminine part of

the male.   Energy:  Female.

Fragrances Associated with The Moon:    Coconut ~ Eucalyptus ~

Gardenia ~ Jasmin ~ Lotus ~ Myrrh ~ Sandalwood.

Colours Associated with Monday:    White.. Silvers.. Creams..

Grays.. Pale Pinks.. Pale Violets.. Pale Blues.. 

Tuesday:    Ruled by Mars ~ Rules conquest, power over enemies. Use for Magick

involving war, lust, violence, fast action, victory over enemies, strength, endurance,

leadership, independence.   Energy:  Male.

Fragrances Associated with Mars:    Carnation ~ Dragon's Blood ~

Ginger ~ Honeysuckle ~ Peppermint ~ Pine.

Colours Associated with Tuesday:   Red..

Wednesday:    Ruled by Mercury ~ Rules healings, the mind. Use for Magick involving

mental issues, learning, education, breaking addictions, communication,travel,

young people, messages, perception, self~expression, artists, poets and writers. 

Energy:  Male. 

 Fragrances Associated with Mercury:    Bayberry ~ Clover ~ Lavender ~

Lemongrass ~ Tobacco.

Colours Associated with Wednesday:    Green.. Orange.. Yellow..

Thursday:    Ruled by Jupiter ~ Rules growth in all things, generosity.

Use for Magick involving growth, prosperity, money, business matters,

attracting more of what you have.  Enery:  Male

Fragrances Associated with Jupiter:   Lime ~ Magnolia ~ Nutmeg ~

Oak ~ Sage ~ Sandalwood.

Colours Associated with Thursday:    Purple.. Royal Blue..

Friday:    Ruled by Venus ~ Rules lovers and pleasure, affairs of the heart.  Use for

Magick involving love, peace, beauty,  gentleness, women's problems, healing,

protection, lovers, ease, pleasure, affairs.  Energy:  Female.

Fragrances Associated with Venus:   African Violet ~ Cherry ~ Lilac ~

Rose ~ Strawberry ~ Vanilla.

Colours Associated with Friday:    Pink.. Green..

Saturday:    Ruled by Saturn ~ Rules obstacles, overcoming blockages. Use for Magick

involving elderly people, deaths, endings, blockages in all forms, those restricting

you, overcoming limitations.  Energy:   Female.

Fragrances Associated with Saturn:   Black Orchid ~ Hyacinth ~

Iris ~ Morning Glory ~ Opium Poppy ~ Pansy ~ Patchouly ~ Violet.

Colours Associated with Saturday:    Black.. Dark Blue.. Brown..

Sunday:    Ruled by The Sun ~ Rules health, prosperity, leadership, joy and protection.

  Use for Magick involving happiness, prosperity, joy, healing, protection, power,

leadership, ego, authority, male figures.   Energy:   Male.

Fragrances Associiated with The Sun:   Cedar ~ Clove ~ Cinnamon ~

Frankincense ~ Juniper ~ Marigold ~ Rosemary ~ Rowan ~ Rue.

Colours Associated with Sunday:    Gold.. Orange..



Element Correspondences



Direction:    North

Colours:    Brown, Black, Purple, Green.

Season:    Winter

Ritual Symbol:    Pentacle

Moon Phase:    4th Quarter

Time:    Midnight


Direction:    South

Colours:    Red, Orange, Gold.

Season:    Summer

Ritual Symbol:    Athame or Sword

Moon Phase:    2nd Quarter

Time:    Noon


Direction:    East

Colours:    Blue, Yellow, Green.

Season:    Spring

Ritual Symbol:    Wand or Sword

Moon Phase:    1st Quarter

Time:    Dawn


Direction:    West

Colours:    Blue, White, Light Greys, Pinks, Light Greens.

Season:    Autumn

Ritual Symbol:    Chalis

Moon Phase:    Full Moon

Time:    Dusk



Drawing Down the Moon


All ye assembled at mine shrine, Mother Darksome and Divine

Mine the Scourge and mine the Kiss,  Here I charge you in this sign.

All you assembled in my sight, Bow before my Spirit Bright.

Aphrodite, Arianhod, Lover of the Horned God.


Mighty Queen of Witchery and night,

Morgan, Erione, Nisene, Diana, Bridgit, Melusine,

Am I named of old by men, Artemis and Cerridwen,

Hell's dark mistress, Heaven's Queen.


Ye who ask of me a rune, Or would ask of me a boon,

Meet me in some secret glade, Dancing round in greenwood shade.

By the light of the Full Moon.


In a place wild and lone, Dance about mine altar stone,

Work my holy mystery, Ye who are feign to sorcery.

I bring ye secrets yet unknown.

No more shall ye know slavery, who give true worship unto me.


Ye who tread my round on Sabbat Night,

Come ye naked to my rite, in token that ye be really free.

I teach ye the mystery of rebirth, work ye my mysteries in mirth.


Heart joined to heart and lip to lip,

Five are the points of fellowship,

That bring ye ecstasy on earth,

For I am the circle of rebirth.


I ask no sacrifice, but do bow,

No other Law but love I know,

By naught but love may I be known.

All things living are mine own,

From me they come, to me they go.


I Invoke Thee and call upon Thee Mighty Mother of us all.

Bringer of Fruitfulness by seed and by root.


I Invoke Thee by stem and bud.


I Invoke Thee by life and love

And call upon Thee to descend into the body

Of this Thy Priestess and Servant.


Hear with her ears, speak with her tongue,

Touch with her hands, kiss with her lips,

That they servants may be filled.



Various phases of the Moon for different types of Spell Work 


New Moon / First Quarter

Beginning Relationships ~ Creativity  ~  Friendship  ~  Healing  ~  Infertility  ~  Learning    Love  ~  Money Drawing  ~  Pregnancy 


Full Moon

Childbirth and Fertility  ~  Clairvoyance  ~  Healing  ~  Love  ~  Magick  ~  Pregnancy     Psychic  Ability  ~  Scrying  ~  Wishes


Last Quarter

Cleansing  ~  Ending Relationships  ~  Healing  ~  Menopause  ~  Removing Negativity    Removing anything not wanted in one's life


Dark Moon

Cursing  (caution)  ~  Deep Meditation  ~  Sterility  ~  The Psyche  ~  The Underworld     Women's Mysteries    
















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