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 Hi There

I have hundreds of Photographs that I want to share with you. 

Far too many to load on here so I have loaded them

onto My Space and Facebook.

The Links are below and also an index of Photographs you will find.

   All photographs have a caption telling

you what or where they were taken.  I hope you enjoy them 

 ~ feel free to copy and paste them if you want.

You can either view the Albums picture by picture or

watch them scrolling.





Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com  Type in

Marion Bridger and add me as a friend to view on



Photos on My Space and Facebook:


Two Albums of Sacred Places of Wales




Loads of Summer Solstices at  Stonehenge

(Some Orbs in the Henge with my 35mm Camera ~ Unusual)


Avebury and other Sacred Places


Edinburgh Vaults

(Orbs but camera is digital)


Summer Solstices ~ Allnight Vigils


Roslyn Chapel ~ Scotland

(Setting for the Film The DaVinci Code with Tom Hanks)

Again quite a few orbs on photos


St. Mongos Churchyard ~ Scottish Borders

Lots of Masonic Headstones.  This was one of the Cemetaries

that the Edinburgh Body Snatchers stole corpses from in he 1800's.


Pagan Friends ~ loads of pics!



Photographs taken on my visit to Egypt in 2003

with my eldest daughter Michelle

My first life was in 18th Dynesty Egypt in a Temple called

Medinat Habu

Lots more Egyptian ones to load!


Still hundreds of photos to load so please

keep looking.








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