Pagan Year and Holy Days 




October 31st    

Samhain, La Samhna,  Nos Galengaeof,  Halloween,  All Hallow's Eve.

Most Pagan's think of this as the ending of the Old Year and the beginning

of the New.  The day between the years;  a Celtic Fire Festival.


November 2nd

All Soul's Day

Feast in honour of the dead.


December 21st (Approximately)

Winter Solstice  (Yule)

The shortest day of the year;  the birth of the Sun, the Eternal Child.


January 31st


Norse Fire Festival.


February 1st  (or near to)

Imbolc or Imelc, Candlemass, Brighid, St. Bridget's Day,

Bride's Day, Lady Day.

A Celtic Fire Festival celebrated at Sunset.


February 14th


A Roman Fertility Festival.


March 20th or 21st

Spring Equinox

Sun crosses celestial equator;  days and nights of equal length.


May 1st

Beltain, Bealtaine

A Celtic Fire Festival.


May Full Moon

The Buddha's Birthday


June 21st (date varies)

Some Paths ~ myself included celebrate this on the 24th.

Summer Solstice

The longest day of the year.


July 23rd

Beginning of The Dog Days

In Egyptian Tradition, the day of the closest connection with Sothis

(Sirius, the Dog Star) the Star of Set.


August 1st

Lughnasadh, Lammas, Apple Day.

A Celtic Fire Festival.


September 21st or 22nd

Autumnal Equinox

Sun crosses the celestial equator;  days and nights of equal length.

















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