Herbal Magic 



Herbs ~ Their Magical Powers and Uses


Power ~ Protection and Sleep.   Uses ~ Banishes negative energies and

spirits. Used to break hexes and also sends them back from whence they came!

Planet ~ Jupiter      Element ~ Air



Power ~ Money, Luck and Healing.    Uses ~ Promotes healing in all things.

  Burn to  attract good luck and money.

Planet ~ Mars       Element ~ Fire.



Power ~ Prosperity, Wisdom and Money.    Uses ~ Money and Prosperity spells.

Wands made from Almond Wood will govern the forces of Air.

Planet ~ Mercury        Element ~ Air






Herbal Teas


Use two teaspoonfuls of the dried Herb to one pint of boiling water.

Herbal teas need about five to ten minutes to draw.

I usualy make up a good quantity and keep it in the fridge.  I then

heat it in the microwave as I need it ~ drink within the day though.

I sweeten mine with Manuka Honey.



Nice flavoured with lemon or liquorise.  Known to help debility and skin troubles and

has been used for rheumatic and arthritis cases.



A very soothing and cleansing tea ~ mixes well with Sage.



A slightly bitter taste but a lovely aroma.  Good for people who suffer from nerves.

Also good for Stomach problems.



An excellent tea for cooling the blood, as a tonic,  for skin ailments

and good for internal wounds.  One of the most valued herbs for healing.



This is a good tea for anyone suffering from hysteria and nervous stress.

It is cleansing, an excellent tonic and sooths the nerves.

Good as a late night drink to help you sleep.


To be Continued

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