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The Magical World of Crystals

 Since before the dawn of time Crystals have held mystical meanings for mankind.  Tribal Shamans and holy people from every culture and race have used crystals and stones in their healing and magical ceremonies.  People have worn stones as talismans for protection, to attract good luck and for many other reasons.  Like herbs were used for curing illness, stones were believed to have a spirit or energy within.  The Earth has a very powerful energy field that permeates everything upon the planet.  All life on Earth depends on this energy field.   In states of deep meditation, our own energy field begins to match the vibratory frequency of the Earths's field.  In this state of resonance with the planet we are actually vibrating in harmony with the combined energy fields of every type of mineral or crystal or rock on Earth.  Resonating with the Earth's energetic field in this way can open one to an almost unlimited source of energy and spiritual power.



Agate:    A soothing and calming stone.  Builds self ~ confidence, balances the Yin and Yang, improves concentration, perception.  This crystal dispels negativity, heals inner anger.  Good for any emotional problems.    Uses:  Cleanses both physically and emotionally.  Good for any digestive problems.  Cleanses the lymphatic system and the pancreas.  Can be taken as an elixir.

Amazonite:   This is the Stone of TruthThis crystal is deeply stimulating for the heart and throat  Chakras.  It brings courage to speak ones mind and dispels fear.  Amazonite assists one in communicating higher truths and higher knowledge.   Uses:   Assists in physical healing for many conditions.  Helps cell regeneration and healing after trauma or injury.  Helps balance the thyroid gland, has been used for arthritis, and problems with hair loss.  Excellent for those who suffer from stress.


Amber:   The Ancient Greek Term for Amber was elektron, a word referring to the sun.  Amber is not a crystal as such but a tree resin that has solidified and become fossilized.  Because of its strong connections with the earth it is excellent to use when grounding oneself in ritual.  Amber absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces that assist the body to heal itself.  Amber makes an excellent amulet to wear or carry for protection and brings wisdom.   Uses:   Good for decision-making.  Helps deal with depression by promoting a positive mental state.  Powerful Chakra cleanser and healer and assists the body in re-balancing itself.  Use for problems with the throat, stomach, kidneys, bladder and liver.  Makes an excellent resin for incense.

Amethyst:   Amethyst is a very powerful protective crystal with strong cleansing and healing powers.  This crystal stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, is excellent to use in meditation and scrying and helps to develope one's psychic gifts.   Uses:   It has been used for strengthening the immune system.  Is an excellent cleanser for blood disorders.  Helps to relieve physical. emotional, and psychological pain resulting from stress.  Eases headaches by relieving tension.Placed under the pillow it helps to deal with insomnia and nightmares.  Its also a good crystal to carry if one tends to drink a little too much and was carried by Roman Soldiers to prevent drunkeness when on campains!!  Lol!..It's true!


    Ametrine:   I love this Crystal.  Its part Amethyst which is strong for protection and Citrine which attracts wealth in all things.  Ametrine connects the physical realm with higher consciousness.  It helps greatly in facilitating and protecting during astral travel.  It is excellent for protecting one against attacks from 'psychic vampires'! stops them draining one's energies.  Calms the mind during meditation.  This crystal is excellent for opening the Third Eye Chakra, thus promoting healing and divination.  It unites the masculine and feminine energies.  Uses:   Helps to clear stress and tension caused by headaches and worry.  Good for dealing with depression, gastric problems and ulcers.  It releases blockages in the physical, emotional, and mental subtle bodies.

Aragonite:   This is an excellent crystal for grounding one's self.  It can transform geopathic stress  clearing blocked ley lines even from a distance.  Good to use for any earth workings.  Use  for meditation as it promotes concentration and stability by raising vibrations to a high spiritual level.    Uses:   Helps to strengthen the immune system.  Also strengthens bones, discs, muscles and improves digestion. 

Aventurine:   A good crystal to wear to protect one from the effects of high electromagnetic energy fields.  Helps one persever in all situations enhancing leadership qualities and decisiveness.  Stimulates perception and creativity.  A very calming stone.   Uses:   Excellent for anxiety, stress, sleep disorders.  Has been used for migraine headaches, blood pressure disorders and increases metabolism.  Excellent to use as an anti-inflammatory.

Blue Lace Agate:   This stone is a beautiful banded variety of the quartz family.  Has a very soft, gently and cooling effect.  Is used for the throat chakra and is excellent for people who do a lot of public speaking.  A stone for communication ~ helps one speak truthfully but with but with kindness.   Uses:   Heals throat problems.  Has been used to remove blockages of the nervous system and to lower fevers.  Strengthens the skeletal system and helps heal fractures.  As an elixir it can treat brain fluid imbalances.  Will relieve stress in all situations with it's calming influence.


Bloodstone:   This crystal is a dark green variety of chalcedony with nodules of bright red jasper giving it an active balance of energy and calm and is a powerful healer with a lot of mystical and magical properties.  It can be used in weather control, to banish evil and negativity and to direct spiritual energies.  It can heighten the intuition and increases creativity.  An excellent grounding stone with high protection properties.  It cleanses the lower chakras  and realigns their energies.  Bloodstone was greatly prized in the Middle Ages, as the spots were thought to be the blood of Jesus Christ.   Uses:   Has been used to relieve stomach pains and bowel complaints.  Improves blood circulation.  Is an excellent energy cleanser  and immune stimulator for acute infections, detoxifies the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and bladder.  The ancient Egyptians used it to shrink tumors.

Boji Stones:   These stones are one of the most effective means of grounding oneself.  They contain Palladium, a rare mineral, and Pyrites.  They are believed to be a concretion of invertebrates and ancient fossils, the bodies of ancient creatures which over millions of years have attracted various minerals to them.  Boji Stones exhibit an electro-magnetic field that can effect our body's circulation and energy field.   The smooth stones have feminine energy and the protruded ones masculine energy. So holding one of each at the same time will balance the male~female energy within the body and align the chakras and the subtle bodies.   Uses:   They will heal energy blockages, relieve pain and encourage tissue regeneration.

Carnelian:   A stabilizing crystal with high energy and excellent grounding properties.  It has been used for thousands of years in jewellery and in ancient times was used to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife.   Known as a very protective stone especially against envy, rage and resentment.  Its calms anger and get rid of negativity.  Uses:   This stone will stimulate the metabolism and activate the base chakra.  Has been used for back problems, arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, fertility problems, impotence, kidneys.  Can also be used for meditation and depression.

Citrine:   Genuine Citrine is very rare.  Most of the Citrine on the market today is infact heat-treated Amethyst.  This stone is known to never hold negative energy at all.   Citrine brings joy and mental clarity and attracts wealth in all things.  It also cleanses and balances the subtle bodies aligning them with the physical.  Excellent for   cleansing the chakras especially the solar plexus and naval chakras  and activating the crown chakra and therefore opening the intuition.   Uses:   For energizing and recharging the physical body.  Helps in problems with the digestive system, spleen, pancreas, kidney and bladder.  Increases blood circulation and eye problems.

Emerald:   This is the green variety of the mineral Beryl.  It is helpful in finding personal direction and bringing clarity and calm to the heart and emotions.  This precious gemstone is associated with Venus; growth, fertility and love.  Vitalises and tones the body and mind helping to stimulate the memory.  In the past Emeralds were used to heal skin problems and they have a strong antiseptic reputation.  They also enhance the dream state and help when meditating.  They give one patience, tranquillity, balance and attract kindness and friendship.   Uses:   Strengthens the heart, liver, kidneys and immune system.  It also soothes the eyes and has been known to improve vision.  It has been used in the treatment of rheumatism and diabetes.


Fluorite:    This crystal comes in many different colours.  The most frequently used for healing are purple, green, blue, clear and yellow.  Placed in the home or workplace it will absorb negativity and hyperactivity of others. It is extremely good to use with hyperactive children.  Fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies.  It can help you become more aware of higher spiritual realities through helping to focus your mind.  It is excellent to use for balance and coordination.   Promotes inner peace.   Uses:   Good for stress related problems.  Has been used to treat septic wounds, tumours, ulcers, nerves, bones and teeth.  Used as an elixir it is good for colds, flu, sinusitis.



Iron Pyrite




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Rose Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

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