Demon or Deitie?    I always refer to Astaroth when summoning him as

My Lord Astaroth.  I believe in ritual one must always be curtious to

whatever energies one is working with but in command also with a

firmness and control.

Astaroth is described in the Goetia, or Lesser Key of Solomon as

an important Duke of the nether hells, who appears as an angel,

riding on a dragon holding a serpent in his right hand.

According to certain translations of the Goetia, he should be kept

at some distance from the operator, because his breath is so foul.

To protect oneself when working with Astaroth a special talisman

known as the Magic Ring or Disc of Solomon must be used.

The Disc of Solomon is composed of concentric circles between

which is written the word of power: 



Tetragrammaton is pronounced as TET RA GRAM MA TON.

When one calls upon Astaroth he is compelled to speak only

the truth in anything, past, present or future.

The Seal of Astaroth is a five pointed star or pentagram.

Astaroth is associated with the planet Venus, astrological sign

Capricorn and Friday.  These correspondences can therefore be

used to time a ritual with Astaroth to great success.

According to Christian mythology demons are fallen angels

cast out of heaven because they disagreed with God!  However, if

like me you will regard demons as they originally were ancient

deities from many different pantheons.

Astaroth, descibed as male with bad breath is actually the opposite.

She is the beautiful Goddess ~ infact the love Goddess of

ancient Sidon.  She is mentioned in the Bible (1 Kings 11:5)

 where it states that in his old age Solomon worshipped various deities,

including Astaroth.

This Goddess is actually one of the most ancient deities of the

Middle East, worshipped by various tribes under different names,

including Ashtoreth, Asherah, Astarte, Attart, Ishara, Ishtar and

the beautiful Aramaic Attar~Samayin, which means

'Morning Star of Heaven'.

In Ancient Egypt she was sometimes assimilated with Hathor,

sometimes with Isis and was sometimes worshipped as

Ashtoreth, Goddess of Horses.


So Perhaps Not such a Bad Guy after all!!!






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